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The original Painting can be viewed at The Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester.

The painting was painted to commemorate the reburial of King Richard III in Leicester.

It is in four parts to symbolise the part each organisation played in this historic event.

Upper left symbolises Leicester University who led scientific investigaions, the DNA of Richard III is enfolded into the branches.

Lower left has the banner of The Richard III Visitor Centre wher the King was discovered.

Top right is Leicester Cathedral with the Dean and Bishop who led the burial service.

Bottom right is The Richard III Society who had the statue made of Richard III and helped raise funds with Philippa Langley who led the discovery of King Richard III.

The union jack wellies worn by Philippa Langley during the excuvation are in the bottom middle.

In the middle of the painting is a glass jigsaw piece encompassing the missing princes in the tower, Richard III’s nephews who he has been accused of killing despite a lack of evidence or motive.

This jigsaw piece is to symbolise the fragility of childhood innocence and the fragility of reputation.