Green Mission

Sustainable Fine Art Printing

We use eco fine art, archival quality paper made from resource saving, sustainable material free from OBA’s (Optical Brightening Agents), acid free and lignin free printed in the UK.

Prints are packed in eco friendly packaging.

Carbon neutral printing.

Fine Art Trade Guild memeber and ArtSure registered.

Original Art

There are a growing number of eco friendly art materials which assist us in our endeavour to be art friendly.

After all ‘There is No Art on a Dead Planet’.

We use cadmium free acrylic artist colour which is highly pigmented, long lasting and was used by Andy Warhol. This has the same preformance as existing cadmium paint just safer for the environment.

We are gradually replacing traditional oil paints with water-mixable oil paint that offers the same results without having to use harmful solvents and have a lower toxicity. The hand painted film ‘The Pheasants’, made in the same film studio as ‘Loving Vincent’ is completely made using water mixable artist oil paint.

We constantly look for materials made from renewable resources, compost and recycle materials.