Capturing emotion,

Sharing the joy.

Natural approach

Kirsteen appreciates how fragile our natural world is and how we are interconnected.  Nothing can survive in isolation. She researches the history of the places she paints, discovers something of its archtecture and believes that the people who have passed through these places leave their unique imprint.


Portraits and landscapes

Passers by might be surprised to see themselves depicted in the landscapes as Sir David Attenborough was when she painted her impression of him as a young boy riding on his bike through Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, one of his favourite childhood places. Kirsteen was delighted to present Sir David Attenborough with the painting.

Soul and emotion

Kirsteen says “With each brush stroke I am in the moment, not one second before or one second after. I am fully present but unaware of the passing of time.”

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